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Top rated School Management Software in India

School management software that is managed and developed by easy IT solutions is built to manage and run all school related hassles effectively under a single umbrella.

This school management software is the best pick for you if you are searching secure, effective, efficient and productive software over the internet.

This is the most advanced and user- friendlyschool management softwarein India that is designed to manage various school activities. This software enhances the school management by taking school administration in to shoulders.

This software helps to develop effective communication channel between parents and teachers.

School management software offers the bilingual chatting option to give assists patents from all sectors.


Why our School Management Software is loved by users ?

With our School ERP Software, teachers can generate and print customized Report Cards as per their need. Moreover, the Report Cards can be published through an official school mobile app. Additionally, this software is quite proficient in managing various info system including employee information system and student info system, through which, the school can manage employee attendance as well as attendance for students and all other additional happenings of the school. This can also work as school fees software if you want to manage that.

Amazing Benefits of School Management System

Simple and Easy to Use

Designed to engage teachers and parents. No expertise required to accomplish a task quickly.

Powerful features for your Institution

We provide everything you will ever need to run an education institution successfully. No customization required.

Unlimited Student Licenses

All our plans are affordable and come with no limits on the number of students, teacher, and parent logins.

Module's of School Management Software

This school management software module has everything that is needed to run and manage any educational institution. This module contains fee collection, library, human resources, academic, examination, student info, income, expenses, attendance, inventory, homework, communicate, upload content, certificate and ID card.

Our Features

QuickSchools powerful school management software comes with an incredible set of customizable features to assist with your school administration tasks and complex processes.


Students Module

Students excel in their performance as all assignments, work sheets and home works are submitted on time with the help of reminders. Access to all school resources like library, question banks, educational videos and grade book engage them to prepare well for assessments and online exams. Student polls inspires students to share their view on current affairs of school. The photo gallery stores nostalgic memories of school cultural, events and work of students. Eduxpert mobile app even helps them to clear their doubts on the go with respective teachers. Students are always connected with their educators and never overlook an important notification like timetables,exam notifications,homework reminders etc.


Parents Module

Parents are happy with the ability to track their ward’s progress in a click of a second. Transparent communication from school to parent about achievements, behavior and school activities is so blissful! Liberty to pay fees online, track school transport and enroll for online exams, make life easy for the family. Quick access to week plan, time table, homework, work sheets, exam schedules and results help parents to be involved in ward’s progress. The easiness to browse question banks, educational videos and school library from anywhere, empowers parents to provide all resources for their kid. Update about scheduled parent meeting and school announcements make parents feel connected with the school all the time.


Teachers Module

Gives teachers peace of mind by providing everything that they need for a smooth functioning of class. Quick access to Time table, grade book, Home work, Work Sheets, Examinations, Question Bank and education videos eases teaching experience. Teachers can always get help from co teachers through internal chat, teachers blog and file sharing. Eduxpert School management ERP also has in built task reminders, mobile notification and email ensures crisp communication. Easy to generate graphs and reports help teachers to analyse student performances in the snap of a finger.The Eduxpert mobile app also comes handy when marking attendance,responding student’s queries remotely and even provide feedback of students progress.


School Admin Module

School admins can relax as they can manage every aspect of students, staff and parents anytime, anywhere! Voice calls, Emails, Announcements and SMS facilities equip school admin to communicate instantly. Class wise or subject wise segregation of performance tracking, with reports and graph plotting, enables him to take quick actions on improvisation. Library, Transportation, Hostel and Fees all comes under one umbrella for the administrator. Issual (or Renewal) of ID card and updation of school blog becomes as easy as a piece of cake with our school management software. Having the school statistics at the fingertips, be it marks, visits, or data, is a real boon for the school admin.