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Top rated School Management Software in India

School management software that is managed and developed by easy IT solutions is built to manage and run all school related hassles effectively under a single umbrella.

This school management software is the best pick for you if you are searching secure, effective, efficient and productive software over the internet.

This is the most advanced and user- friendlyschool management softwarein India that is designed to manage various school activities. This software enhances the school management by taking school administration in to shoulders.

This software helps to develop effective communication channel between parents and teachers.

School management software offers the bilingual chatting option to give assists patents from all sectors.


Why our school management software is in demand everywhere

Easy IT solutions has developed this school management software by feeding all modern algorithms in it to make it capable of handling all complex administration task of schools and colleges. Through the school management software, the teachers can create and print customized mark sheet and performance report card according to requirements. This school management software is excels in managing various info systems like student data, employees data, goods records etc. This software can also be used in fee collection as it handles all data in an organized way to manage attendance of employees and students that can be modified to be used for various purpose in the school administration.

Amazing Benefits of School Management System

Simple and Easy to Use

This software is simple and easy to use. Anyone can access it easily and no expertise is required for it.

Powerful features for your Institution

You will get everything that you need to run your educational institution. The software is designed to understand the need to educational bodies and fulfill the requirements accordingly.

Unlimited Student Licenses

No limits for students, teachers, staff in our software. Numbers can be extended as per requirements.

Module's of School Management Software

This school management software module has everything that is needed to run and manage any educational institution. This module contains fee collection, library, human resources, academic, examination, student info, income, expenses, attendance, inventory, homework, communicate, upload content, certificate and ID card.

Our Features

QuickSchools powerful school management software comes with an incredible set of customizable features to assist with your school administration tasks and complex processes.


Teachers Module

On school management software, they can create graphs, van diagrams easily for the conceptclarification of students. This software has special feature for teacher module. The teachers will get everything that is needed for the smooth functioning and conduction of classes. They can easily access grade books, time table, question bank, work sheets and home work of any student in their class. In teacher module, there is a space provided for teacher- teacher discussion to discuss the importantmattersabout the proper functioning of school. The software gives timely reminders to teachers so that provide their service to the young talents.


School Admin Module

School admin module make all data available at a click whether it is daily visits, marks, account data or other school statistics. School admin module assists the school administration to handle all activities under school administration effectively. Emails, voice calling, SMS and announcements made this software the best choice in school management. Student and teacher performance can be tracked through student polls, report and graph plotting. Class and subject wise performance tracking is very useful to improve the quality education of school. Issuing ID card and maintenance of school blog is very easy. Other important things such as library administration, transportation, hostel and fee collection can be done in this school management software easily.


Students Module

In Students module , it has been designed keeping in mind the student’s point of view. We understand what is the importance of proper guidance and assistance for a student. So, in this students module, the student will get daily reminders on the assignment, worksheets, homework that need to be done within the prescribed time limits. The students will be given the facility to chose books from the library, questions bank, educational and motivational videos and performance reports so that they can evaluate their performance by themselves and improve it. The facility of Student polls is provided in this school management software to know about the valuable opinions of each talented mind. In student module, the students will be exposed to thehistory and old institutional memory of school and colleges through a wide photo gallery. The student module will let the student to directly connect with their teachers so that they can clear the doubt in early stages. They will be notified about the timetables, exam date and homework through reminders.


Parents Module

Every parent want to track the performance of their ward. The school management software is also designed keeping the worries of parents and give solution for all of it in this parent module. Through this patent module, the parent will be able to communicate directly with the school about the Ward’s performance, achievement, behavior and activeness. Through this parent module, the parent can pay fee online, track school transportation and register fir online examination . This will be done in just few clicks without standing in long queues. Parents will be notified for scheduled parent teacher meeting and different school announcement to keep them connected with school everytime.